By: Antonio Vázquez Araújo


Hi. I am Antonio Araujo, from Ourense, Spain. I am a C, Clipper, FoxPro, C++, and Java (in this chronological order) programmer. I wrote programs since 1984. I am teaching computing in a private school, and writing programs for enterprises, and now, at last, for me.
BEanACTION is my personal project for 3 years, and I believe in it. I think is an original idea, and can be an useful tool for programmers and assemblers. Also for learning Java, because you can see any object internally without writing any code, and make it work.
I am a Linux enthusiast, and this is what make me to put the project in open source, I believe in that philosophy.
I am also a medium-level guitar player, since 1980 (non stop learning :-).
I love the simplicity. This page can be seen better with... any browser!
Yes, my english can be better, but i need my time (to learn more guitar!)
You can contact me for personal questions at antoniovazquezaraujo at gmail dot com


BEanACTION is a recursive javabeans editor that is able to manage collections of objects, aggregations, methods, arrays, implementors, etc. You can assemble an application and serialize it without writing a single bit of java code.
Is, basically, an objects tree. It let you construct any object, selecting the constructor type and his parameters. Once constructed, the object display all of his properties, and permits you to edit them.
Also you can construct multidimensional arrays of objects without dimension limit.
What is more interesting is that, is that you can substitute the internal objects from an object with other objects from the trees and, when you are looking for an object, you see only objects of that class, and his subclasses hierarchy. If you are looking for an interface implementor, you see only implementors of that interface and his subinterfaces hierarchy. With this tecnique, the user can substitute parts of an object on a consistent and easy mode.
The objects tree is divided in three, a classes tree, with the objects created, an interfaces tree, whith the implementors, and the actions tree. You can create actions (basically java methods) that you can invoke, and use the value returned, if you need it. Also, you can create collections, and add and remove objects simply. All that without writing a line of code!
The BEanACTION purpose is that anybody can use java objects, even primitive data, probe it, invoke his methods, display it in screen, save it to disk, and at last, assemble complete applications without writing Java code.
The license is GPL .You can help in the development.


This is the second beta version. Now, (December, 21, 1999) I am working hard to document the code, but this is a dificult thing for me :-). The changes respect to the first are mainly support for multidimensional arrays, terrific interface simplification, and elimination of some bugs.

Future: From the beta1, the future plans have changed. The most important is documentation and to find volunteers. I NEED HELP!!! If you understand the code, even if not, please, you can help me, translating, documenting, painting icons, finding bugs or giving me ideas or opinions. Contact with me at antoniovazquezaraujo at gmail dot com.

BEanACTION Mini-help


Selecting methods
Loading method parameters
A JButton array in action
A HashSet with 3 JButtons in
Your first killer app


Download new beta version December 99

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